Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ladies Night at London – for Fun without Any String Attached

Be it a hen night, hen weekend, or a simple ladies night out; London has a lot to offer to make your night full of fun and entertainment.

All in one

Out of all the hen nights or ladies night destinations, London has evolved as one of the best. This is one destination that fits into every girl’s statement of fun and celebration. London truly boasts to be the only destination that provides everything you can think of for celebrating your girl’s night under one roof. Starting from good food and fun games to male stripper’s shows and dirty dancing; you will get to do everything here.

Clubs and restaurants

It is really amazing to see how does this magical place called London packs in itself all the opportunities to have fun at a ladies night. This place is always ready to see the most gregarious and the brash side of every girl that comes up when she immerse herself into the joy of partying. Surf through the internet to search a good hotel, club, or restaurant in London and book it for your ladies night well in advance. These hotels and clubs make due arrangements for entertaining events such as male stripper’s shows, various games, delectable meals, and dirty dancing.

Spas and other activities

To pamper yourself at your ladies night in London, you can make registrations at one of the best known spas for you and your friends. Wine tasting and delectable dinner with a flavor of champagne is also something that you can go in for. Dance lessons or foreplay lessons are also some of the interesting activities for which you can register yourself. London is also famous for its treasure hunt and London eye flight. Chocolate making and karting are also some of the fun activities that you can enjoy in London.

How to Plan a Memorable Hen Night Parties

A hen night party is a surprise celebration that is arranged by the friends or the relatives of the girl who is about to get married. It is an all girls get-together that is supposed to be full of fun and entertainment.

Memorize great times together

Marriage brings with it a sense of responsibility. It is the time for you to enter into a new life with your life partner. A hen nights is a way by which the would-be-bride thanks her close friends for all their love and support. Her close friends also advise her and give her best wishes for her married life. You can make this night amazing by clicking photographs of all of you enjoying together. You can also go to a bar or enjoy watching male stripper show to add spice to your party.

Focus on dress code

Dirty dancing, foreplay lessons, and male stripper shows are very common hen events. But before you go anywhere, make your hen night special by keeping a dress code or color code. Tell all your friends to dress in red or pink. To make your hen party more fun filled, you can choose a dress code that is easily available in the market. For instance, all of you can dress like devils, queens, or even like angels. All the girls except the bride can pool in money to buy a memorable gift for the bride.

Other tips to make you hen night memorable

Depending upon the dress code, you can arrange for some music on the same theme and dance. For instance, if you dress like devils, you can choose a little wild music numbers to dance. Games hold a lot of significance, when it comes to enjoyment. You could arrange for fun games to play for your hen night. You can play cards or Chinese whisper. To let your brash side overpower you, you can also go in for male stripper shows or pole dancing lessons.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Hen Weekends

Boys are not the only the ones who can have fun even girls have their own requirements. Even though the women could do the things as men can do, even they have different needs. Men prefer to rough it, ladies like to be pampered. Men like be away from the crowd view so often; ladies wants to be the centre of public attention. By identifying these requirements and not only letting for them but encouraging them, the ladies or women can escape from the reality just and a man running in to the woods can.
Suffice to state, the hen weekend has completely a different style than the stag weekend does. While a stage weekends has a lot of physical activities, the hen weekends allows for additional interesting options. Think about the possibilities if a lady followed her instinct and applied to the preparation of a cool weekend; the possibilities could be strange, however they would limitless. Imagine a whole weekend where you were pampered like a queen. You may be forced to have a full body massage which relaxes every muscle of your body. It is capable of leaving you in the edge of relaxation and awareness, after that an afternoon of facials made to take years off your look. Worse, you may be made over totally, as experts showed you better methods to put your make-up, in order to completely allow you to show your inner beauty. Give an hour or two in a sauna, and the weekend may be finish or a weekend involving being a pop diva. You select a song or more, and then decide what it may take for you to sing a song it on stage. Your make-up will be selected with care, and your wardrobe laid-out with the greatest affection. You may be pampered in a way you can get used to, and readied for a position in centre stage.

Hen party

Hen party or Hen Nights is conducted to celebrate the awaiting marriage of a woman. Usually the attendees of this party are females. There is a special consideration for the bride’s gay friends to attend the party. If you are looking to hold a hen night party, there are various options and ideas, which will make the party memorable for everyone.

For the beginners, it is better to hold the hen night party at clubs, because these are some of the things which a woman will not be permitted to do after her marriage. It is the only chance to go out and have some fun. You can also conduct the hen party at your home, moreover, when you party at your home, you will be having lots of option and freedom. There are lots of fun activities and games which will add an extra spice to the hen party.

Hen parties can also be an occasion where you can compare the adventurous products such as lingerie. “Consequences”, “pass the balloon” or “truth or dare”, are some of the common games played during the hen’s party. Some of the famous options for the hen parties include spending a whole night in the “City of Sin” or any other hotspots where a woman can let go of their entire hang - ups.

In a recent survey, it was estimated that about twenty percent of all hen parties have the presence of male strippers. But yes, hen parties also have an erotic theme, adult games and large sprinkling of drinks. If you have a look at some of the famous bars in your city, don't be shocked to see a hen party going on.

Hen party is also known as bachelorette party (US), stagette (Canada). Hen party is an exciting night for the women.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Hen Nights in Bournemouth

Bournemouth is renowned for its beautiful parks and golden beaches. This is a best place to relax and enjoy your hen or stag nights. This is really a magnificent place to visit.

Bournemouth provides its services to all kinds of visitors and it welcomes both the hen party revellers and stag weekend group. The sea front of Bournemouth is covered with hotels and large villas. You can also find casinos, nightclubs, amusement parks, many shops in the city. Once you come out from the golden sands you will fall in love with the beautiful gardens, welcoming hospitality, breathtaking surrounding countryside, buzzing nightlife and top attractions which will attract the discerning Hen nights in Bournemouth.

There are lots of Bournemouth hen night party activities with high street stores, modern boutiques and Victorian arcades. The Castlepoint complex which is located in the northern part of the town will complete the paradise of the shoppers, with many famous stores below a single roof. When the time comes to contemplate the hen night and to recharge your batteries, you will be confused to choose between the mouth - watering global cuisine, which counts to more than 250 bistros and restaurants of the town.

If you are planning to go for a hen night party in Bournemouth you won't be disappointed as it has excellent hen night party shows and events. If you find any dancing divas in the middle of a hen party then move to one of the dazzling night clubs and enjoy your night away!
Once you visit Bournemouth for a hen night party, you will have an unforgettable experience. If at all you have any plans for a hen night party, Bournemouth is the best place you can opt for. Have a great time and enjoy your party!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Adonis Cabaret show

Welcome to Adonis Strippers, the male stripper show running residencies at five private club venues around the UK.